First drive review: Nissan Juke Nismo 1.6 Turbo (2013)

Unless youre a gamer or a motorsports fan, the Nismo name may have passed you by but the seeds of Nissans in-house tuner were planted as far back as 1964 when exuberant Nissan engineers stuffed a V6 engine under the bonnet of the small Skyline
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First drive review: Porsche Cayman S (2013)

One sometimes has the sense that cars by Porsche evolve at roughly the same speed as humankind. New models follow old, offering the tiniest variations...
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Driving takes a final ride in the legendary Hindustan...

John Evans bids a tearful farewell to a car that is reaching the end of the road after more than 50 years in production.
2013 Ford Fiesta ST review

First drive review: Ford Fiesta ST (2013)

The affordable hot hatch has been on the endangered species list for a while, with rare sightings of Renault Clio Renaultsports usually being the...
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Test your knowledge: How is this man connected to the...

Here's a clue... it also involves Peugeot.
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First drive review: Bentley Flying Spur (2013)

It tells you much of what you need to know about Bentleys priorities for its new Flying Spur that these words are brought to you from its back seat...
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Nissan GT-R review (2009-on)

We drive the 2014 version of perhaps the fastest car on the road, available for a fraction of the price of most supercars.
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Buying guide: Top 10 used cars for around £2,000

Everyone likes a bargain and there’s no bargain like a car for around £2,000.
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First drive review: Skoda Octavia estate (2013)

There was a time when you wouldnt have got 10 yards in a Skoda, for all sorts of reasons, some relating to social stigma, others to the durability...
How to buy a used car safely

How can you be sure to buy a used car safely?

At we want to make your search for the perfect used car as easy and enjoyable as possible. Follow our simple guidelines to stay out...
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Driven: Five reasons the Ferrari California T is one...

The new Ferrari California T is one of the most civilised sports cars on the road
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Nürburgring Nordschleife: the world's most exhilarating...

It is the world’s most notorious race circuit and it is open to anyone who wants to test their driving skill. Ben Barry dares to face ‘the Green...
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