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VW fined another €1bn for dieselgate

Volkswagen's 'dieselgate' penalty continues to grow, as German prosecuters fine the firm an additional €1bn for its role in the diesel crisis.

Video shows Volkswagen dieselgate 'graveyard'

Astonishing new aeriel video footage show the huge scale of the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal.
Dieselgate: readers complain of new issues after VW 'fix'

Dieselgate: complaints of new issues after VW fix

THE Volkswagen Group's fix for its vehicles caught up in the dieselgate emissions scandal was meant to be simple.
After VW dieselgate, Fiat Chrysler accused of rigging emissions by EPA

Fiat accused of rigging emissions

More than 4,000 Jeep owners in the UK have been dragged into the emissions cheating scandal as the US environment watchdog levels charges...
British Government says drivers should be compensated over Volkswagen dieselgate emissions scandal

VW dieselgate: British drivers launch legal action

Volkswagen faces a class action lawsuit from 10,000 British drivers, who say the German car maker misled them into paying extra for diesel cars
The Fixer: British VW, Audi and Skoda owners share dieselgate concerns

The Fixer: VW owners share dieselgate concerns

Owners of VW Group cars in the UK affected by the diesel emissions scandal have ed Driving with concerns about their cars...
Reader Letters: Electric car reviews, paint and age-based insurance hikes, and dieselgate groups

Reader Letters: EVs, insurance hikes & dieselgate

It was great to read a review of the Tesla Model S. Giles Smith mentioned the growing national charging network, but in future, in order to...
British Government says drivers should be compensated over Volkswagen dieselgate emissions scandal

Government: VW should pay out over Dieselgate

The British government has said that drivers of Volkswagens affected by the Dieselgate emissions scandal should be compensated by the German car
Mitsubishi fuel economy rigging

First VW Dieselgate; now Mitsubishi admits rigging...

First it was Germany’s giant Volkswagen Group; now Mitsubishi, one of Japan’s biggest car makers, has admitted cheating in fuel economy tests
Who is to blame for Dieselgate? Driving tracks down the engineers involved

Who is to blame? Driving tracks down the engineers...

If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen. That’s what the advertisements used to say. Now VW’s reputation is in tatters...
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Dieselgate deepens: VW chief Martin Winterkorn was...

Volkswagen has admitted that its former chief executive, Martin Winterkorn, was told of problems with emissions in America in early 2014
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Plastic device costing £1 will fix 400,000 VW Dieselgate...

Volkswagen says that a plastic device costing less than £1 is required to fix hundreds of thousands of British cars caught up in the emissions scandal