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Car insurance for young drivers: how do you get the...

Hefty premiums can deter youngsters from getting on the road and costs are only likely to rise this year, but Emma Smith has some tips on how to ease...
Driving tips: How to drive in high winds

How to drive in high winds

It may be a dream front page for some of our tabloid newspaper friends but high winds are no cause for celebration if you're out on the road. Changes...
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What young driver courses are there for children aged...

Young car fans don’t need a provisional licence to roar round a track or try parallel parking. Driving finds races and lessons for children aged...
How to avoid stress and keep calm in a driving test

Top 10 ways to avoid stress on your driving test

Each day in the UK, around 6,000 people take their driving test. For most, it's a stressful time...
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How can you be sure to buy a used car safely?

At we want to make your search for the perfect used car as easy and enjoyable as possible. Follow our simple guidelines to stay out...
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Motoring jargon buster: what do all the car terms mean?

Swot up on the many mind-boggling acronyms and bamboozling phrases that litter automotive brochures, motoring mags and used car adverts with our handy...
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What should I look out for on a test drive?

Finding a decent used car is as much about common sense as mechanical knowledge. Trust your instincts: does it ‒ or its seller ‒ seem dodgy?
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Should I buy a diesel or petrol car?

Diesels are increasingly popular - but are they really cheaper?
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What's the best way to pay for my car?

Walking into a showroom and pulling out a wad of fifties isn’t always a feasible – or safe – way to buy a car. Here are the more sensible payment...
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How can I get the best insurance deal?

Motor insurance is a complex business but follow our guide and not only will you buy right, you’ll save money, too.
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What is a "logbook" and how do you use it to buy or...

The crucial document is the V5C registration certificate, often called a logbook even though it is just a piece of paper.
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What is road tax (VED) and how much does it cost?

The road fund licence for vehicles registered since March 1, 2001, comprises stepped tax bands based on carbon dioxide emissions.