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Should I buy a new or used car?

Deciding whether to buy new or used is probably the first decision you will need to make when it comes to buying a car.
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How safe is my car?

Car safety has come on in leaps and bounds since the days of wooden steering wheels, bench seating and lap belts.
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How can I import an American car, or buy one in the...

In the early part of the year, people in the UK get a little itch. It starts in January with the Detroit motor show...
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Bargain hotspots: where are the cheapest cars in the...

The price of a used motor can differ dramatically depending on location. Knowing where to look could save you thousands of pounds 
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Dom Joly: How to haggle when buying a car

I’m probably the worst person to warn you about what to look out for when buying a car. Despite my day job of fooling the general public, I am putty...
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When's the best time to buy a used convertible car?

With the thermometer struggling to rise much above freezing and a biting easterly wind making sure it stays that way, it may seem an odd time to be...
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How can I get the best value car insurance for my son...

If young drivers thought passing the driving test was tough, buying their first car and getting it insured is another challenge altogether.
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How can I be sure to pass my car's MoT? (video)

If the reception area at your local garage has an air of exam tension about it, it may be because one in three cars gets an MoT failure certificate...
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What do I need to know before driving abroad?

Every year, two million British motorists head abroad with their cars, dicing with suicidal, horn-blowing Italians or Germans with meticulous overtaking...
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How do I appeal a parking ticket?

Motorists receive more than 8m parking tickets each year from councils and more from private operators, running supermarket car parks or motorways...
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Dom Joly: Which car options are essential, and which...

You can spend almost as much on optional extras these days as you can on the car itself — from ceramic brakes to carbon-fibre wheels costing £10,000.
How to drive on a motorway

What are the rules for driving on a motorway?

If you’ve ever been stuck behind a dawdler in the middle lane of a motorway or been intimidated by an aggressive driver almost exchanging paintwork...

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