Countdown’s Rachel Riley does the sums for used car buyers seeking monthly finance

Counting the monthly costs

WITH FINANCE deals so popular with car buyers these days, car buying website have gone to great lengths not only to make monthly payment options available to prospective customers but also to help guide them through the process getting the deal done.

To this end, Auto Trader has launched a new and recruited Rachel Riley, perhaps the UK’s most famous mathematician, to help do some sums for potential customers.

In the videos, the Countdown presenter aims to explain that car buying is much easier when you “#KnowYourNumbers”.

The first (above) is an introduction to the series, while further films (below) are aimed at specific questions from potential buyers. One of them is expecting triplets, another is retiring and wants to take up golf, a third is embracing a mid-life crisis, and a fourth is looking to get something for a romantic road trip.

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Rachel Riley’s best car for parents expecting triplets


Rachel Riley’s car for a man retiring and thinking of taking up golf


Rachel Riley’s best car for a mid-life crisis


Rachel Riley’s best car for a romantic road trip


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