Car Clinic: What does three warning beeps on a Citroën C3 mean?

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Q. My Citroën C3 is sounding three warning beeps after about two miles of driving. Any ideas? 
MD, Buxted, East Sussex

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A. Beeping usually indicates a fault but should be accompanied by a warning light. As it isn’t in this case, it suggests a problem with the unit sounding the alarm (it’s called the “BSI body control”).

First, try a sort of reboot; find out how at . Or ask a Citroën garage. If that fails and a garage thinks the unit is faulty, it can be fixed by firms such as BBA Reman.

It is also possible that a poor connection or intermittent fault is producing the beeps. Causes have included the alarm switch in the bonnet lock and poor s to rear-light clusters.

Tim Shallcross used to train AA patrols to fix cars. Now he advises the Institute of Advanced Motoring — read more from Tim here.

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