John Evans

First Drive review: 2017 Peugeot 3008

As the lazy stereotype goes, the French certainly know a thing...
First Drive review: 2017 Renault Scenic

First Drive review: 2017 Renault Scénic

Twenty years ago the Renault Mégane Scénic started a trend for cars that were about the size of a VW Golf, but taller and practical...
First Drive: 2016 BMW 740Le xDrive iPerformance review

First Drive review: BMW 740Le xDrive

If you've come into some money and need to save tax, don’t move the cash to the Cayman Islands – your local BMW dealer has just the answer
First Drive review: 2016 BMW 3 series Gran Turismo

First Drive review: 2016 BMW 3-series Gran Turismo...

Three years ago, when the Grand Touring version of the 3 Series was launched, sceptics wondered at the sense in shoehorning a hatchback into the small...
2016 Mercedes-Benz S-class cabriolet review y John Evans for HotMailIniciodesesion

First Drive review: 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-class cabriolet

Abigail, the first British storm to be given a name by the Met Office, hit our shores last November. It was still only March when her 10th stormy...

First Drive review: 2016 Mercedes-Benz SLC (the new...

Twenty years after its 1996 debut, the SLK charges on, albeit with a change of name.
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Infiniti Q50 review (2013-on)

The Q50 saloon gets a boost with a new 2-litre turbo petrol engine, but is it enough to beat German rivals like the 3-series?
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First drive review: Ford Focus (2014 facelift)

The Ford Focus: not just the staple of the nation’s company car fleets but also a popular choice with the rest of us, being the biggest-selling...
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BMW M4 coupé review (2014-on)

Along with its convertible sister car, this is the hottest 4-series model and replaces the M3 coupé...
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Rolls-Royce Wraith review (2013-on)

Billed as Rolls-Royce’s most powerful model, the Wraith is a two-door, four-seat coupé (or what the car maker prefers to call a “super GT”)...
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Volkswagen Beetle cabriolet review (2012-on)

Beetle soft-top has good vibrations (that'll be the scuttle shake)
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Skoda Octavia vRS review (2013-on)

The vRS Octavias have always had a bit of a following, proving irresistible to speed freaks on a sub-Golf GTI budget.
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Mazda 3 review (2013-on)

The 3 is the latest model to benefit from Mazda's two-pronged design and technology strategy aimed at producing better-looking and more efficient...
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