2020 BMW 7-series epic grille reactions on Twitter

BMW 7-series 'epic' grille: funniest reactions

Go big or go moan

THE FIRST pictures of the new BMW 7-series have been leaked online, and it has what has been described as an X7-inspired “epic” grille. Epic enough, it seems, to attract significant interest on Twitter. Here are some of the funniest reactions so far.


Give this man a job, BMW

So, with my BRILLIANT foresight, I present to you the 2025 BMW 7 series!

— Rik McCloud (@RikMcCloud)


Might cause a snort

New ‘leaked’ images of the BMW 7 series reminds me of somethign

— Collaks (@dcollaks)


When going to Specsavers doesn’t help

I’m aware that I’ve recently had my eyes tested. But is this really the face of the new BMW 7-Series? Because I may have to ask for a refund

— Ben Hodges (@BenSVHodges)


A breath of fresh air?

Leaked! The Refreshed BMW 7 Series. Forget twin kidneys—these are twin lungs.

— BMW of Macon (@bmw_of_macon)


Call that a grille? This is a grille…

2023 BMW 7 series

— JeanPierre (@jensefrens)


Roll up in my grille

2025 BMW 7 Series. Visibility could be an issue

— Blake Currall (@bcurrall80)


Walken clinic

Meanwhile, in the BMW design studio…

— Lewis Kingston (@theseoldcars)


Hell’s belles?

The gate to the hell! Oh my God, what is happening in BMW’s design?

— ottanta_magic (@OttantaMagic)


Wagon wheels

What’s happening at BMW? If this image of the facelifted 7er is to be believed they’ve fallen off the design wagon again having only just wearily clambered back on…

— Piers (@PiersCooper)


The new Nigel Man-series

BMW’s design inspiration revealed.

— Will Dron (@wdron)

Pen puller

Shitting heck that is….. gopping. Someone please wrestle the pens off BMW’s design people before they do any further damage.

— Tim Kendall (@DrivingTalk)


Economies of scale

Christ, will someone stop giving BMW access to the ‘scale’ function in their design packages.

— Tim Oldland (@Tim_Oldland)


Getting in is easy, but getting out…

Like it should have emaciated arms of the imprisoned reaching out….

— KinkyPimp (@kinkypimp)


Back talk

Just in case you needed reminding how nice a 7 Series CAN look…

— Paul Cowland ⏩ (@PaulCowland_)


In the interests of balance…

Could this be the new 2020 ? I just really hope their main car commercial model (if this is even a word) don’t use those hideous wheels. Love the new giant grill!

— KJ (@Kj_notApa)


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