People sent flying as car smashes into stationary pick-up truck in Toronto

Why you should clear the road as fast as possible and always keep an eye out for on-coming cars

DASH CAM footage from a recovery vehicle captured the shocking moment two cars came together on a highway in south-eastern Canada, scattering people across the road.

The horrifying smash, on Highway 401 in the Scarborough district of Toronto, came about as the driver of a white car, seemingly oblivious to the stationary pick-up in its path, ploughed into the stricken vehicle at speed.

As well as writing off both vehicles, the force was strong enough to eject the two people from the pick-up and knock a third person, who was standing next to the truck, over the central reservation.

Reports state two people involved in the crash are being treated for non-life threatening wounds, with a third also being submitted for minor injuries. Local police are investigating the crash.

Credit: Metro One Auto Services Inc via Storyful

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