Christmas 2016 gifts and presents for car fans and motoring enthusiasts

Christmas 2016 gifts for car fans

It's that time of year. Yes, we know it's still November but John Lewis released its Christmas advert this week, which, as we all know...
Products: Action cams from GoPro, TomTom and Garmin reviewed

Products: Action cams tested

Once the preserve of bodacious dudes intent on reducing their life expectancy by leaping off a cliff, the action camera can now be found...
Key trackers: Trackr Bravo and Tile reviews

Products: Tiny trackers for your keys

Imagine always being able to locate your car keys, or your luggage, or your pet, using nothing but a smartphone...
Logitech Zerotouch review

Products: Logitech ZeroTouch hands-free app

An attractive, smart and legal way for drivers to stay connected with minimal distraction
Products: Joie Spin 360 v Nuna Rebl — swivelling baby/child car seat twin test

Products: swivelling baby/child car seat twin test

Two child car seats that swivel to make getting your child in and out of the car easier go head-to-head.
TomTom Curfer review

Products: TomTom and Aviva 'black boxes'

The world has become obsessed with data. While many companies have long pored over spreadsheets for marketing purposes, bizarrely, consumers are now...
Products: Halfords 2.4W Solar Battery Maintainer review

Products: Halfords 2.4W Solar Battery Maintainer review

Owners of old cars will at some point have sat in their pride and joy, and turned the key, only to hear the dreaded clunk of a reluctant starter motor...
Pure Highway 400 DAB receiver review by Leon Poultney for The Sunday Times

Products: Pure Highway 400 in-car DAB radio receiver

The advent of DAB radio has improved the wireless listening experience by offering a broader selection of stations ...
Products: Halfords Advanced Professional 200 piece socket set review

Products: Halfords Advanced Professional 200-piece...

For those who like nothing better than to spend their bank holiday hiding away in a garage, servicing a classic car or bringing a tired lawnmower...
Product review of the CTEK MXS 5.0 by The HotMailIniciodesesion

Products: CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger review

When it comes to looking after our cars, most drivers think that a yearly service, monthly wash and the odd check of the oil and tyre pressures is...
Ginetta jacket and bag review

Products: Ginetta Titan Track Coat and QRB Rucksack...

Ginetta may not possess the long and illustrious racing history of Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar or Lotus but the fellow British marque remains...
Jaguar Pace eau de toilette review

Products: Jaguar Pace eau de toilette

Jaguar has been busy of late. The British car maker has had to reinvent itself, and its cars, to keep up with those annoyingly successful German companies

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