Great Drives: The island of Sao Miguel in the Azores

The first thing you need to know about Sao Miguel is — where it is. The volcanic island is part of the Azores, the archipelago that sits in...
Great Drives in association with Mazda: Norwegian good On a jaw-dropping road trip up Norway’s west coast, James Mills sees hundreds of fjords, rugged mountain ranges, two record-breaking tunnels — and a road for trolls

Great Drives: Norway's west coast

It's a good job the Norwegians aren’t preoccupied by health and safety. If they were, visitors would find themselves faced with mile upon mile...
Great Drives: My way is the highway — Mazda MX-5 on California's Route 1

Great Drives: My way is the highway

California’s Route 1 combines spectacular scenery with the silver screen’s most celebrated locations. Explore the coast with the most...
Great Drives: Ice ice baby. . . lapping Iceland in a Mazda MX-5 Icon

Great Drives: Ice ice baby

As ring roads go, Iceland’s Route 1 is pretty spectacular. The 830-mile lap of the Land of Fire and Ice seems as far removed from the M25...
Great Drives: The Black Mountain Pass

Great Drives: The Black Mountain Pass

The Black Mountain Pass is the perfect place to leave the daily grind behind. Nick Rufford climbs behind the wheel and explores the Welsh wonder
Great Drives: Scotland's North Coast 500 in pictures

Great Drives: Scotland's North Coast 500 in pictures

Often spoken of as Britain's answer to Route 66, the North Coast 500 follows the edge of the Scottish Highlands and takes in 500 miles of the best...
Great Drives in association with Mazda: Lulea to Nordkapp

Great Drives: No sleep till Nordkapp

Ice, wolves, flattened reindeer... and bullet holes in the road signs. This is a driving adventure with a difference. James Mills takes the ice route...
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Great Drives: A 1000km family-friendly tour of Sweden...

Sweden is so hot right now. If it’s not the cultural imports – from “Scandi-noir” TV shows to pop music producers – it’s the “Let’s...
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Great Drives: Ireland’s three Ws

Nothing moves quickly in Ireland, and if you drive fast you feel conspicuously out of place
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Welcome to California's hydrogen highway

California’s new ‘hydrogen highway’ could jump-start the adoption of fuel-cell cars in America
Great drives: Scotland’s ‘Route 500'

Great drives: Scotland’s ‘Route 500'

There are varying degrees of scenery to revel in: from peat bog to lush pastoral
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Forget Goodwood, CarFest is the new king of motoring...

Is the Goodwood Festival of Speed a good day out? If you’re a car enthusiast, undoubtedly...
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Driving's pick of the world's most spectacular (but...

Some of the world’s greatest drives are not the most obvious ones. Our experts pick their favourite secret highways and give you all the information...
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