Air pollution blamed for 7m deaths every year worldwide

Air pollution causes seven million deaths a year, according to the latest figures released by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Cars without 50-mile electric range could be banned from 2040

Cars from 2040 to have 50-mile electric range

The government is said to be considering a ban of any petrol or diesel-powered hybrid car that is unable to travel 50 miles on battery power.
British lorry operators found to be cheating diesel emissions

British lorry operators found to be cheating diese

Hauliers in the UK have been caught cheating emissions regulations designed to prevent air pollution.

Video shows Volkswagen dieselgate 'graveyard'

Astonishing new aeriel video footage show the huge scale of the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal.
Ministers must cut air pollution in dozens of UK cities, judge rules

Ministers must cut air pollution in cities

A High Court judge has ordered the government to take greater action to improve air quality in 33 towns and cities after ruling that its plans fo
CO2 emissions from new cars rose in 2017

CO2 emissions from new cars rose in 2017

CO2 emissions from new cars sold in Britain last year rose for the first time since 2000.

Shampoo ‘as bad a health risk as car fumes’

Shampoo, oven cleaner, deodorant and other household products are as significant a source of the most dangerous form of air pollution as cars, re

Pigeons "the perfect tool" to monitor pollution

They have been maligned as “rats of the sky”, a filthy menace blighting our cities. Could it be, though, that far from spreading illness from...

Porsche stops selling diesel cars

Porsche will no longer sell diesel-powered cars. The German car manufacturer announced that it is to discontinue the remaining diesel car from it
Drive diesel or petrol car and get £130 fine at peaks hours in Hackney and Islington

Diesel, petrol cars attract fines in north London

Petrol and diesel cars face being banned from parts of two London boroughs under Britain’s toughest action against polluting vehicles.
Diesel car sales fall further in January

Diesel car sales fall further in January

Diesel’s dominance of the new car market is well and truly over. Figures for car sales in January (2018) reveal that just over a third of new reg
VW chairman: people will be held accountable for diesel emission tests on monkeys

VW chairman calls for probe into monkey tests

Volkswagen is to investigate allegations that it was one of three car makers that paid for tests in which humans and animals were exposed to...
Kitchen microwaves cause as much pollution as seven million cars

Microwaves cause as much pollution as 7m cars

Microwaves in Europe cause as much pollution as 6.8 million cars, scientists have found. A study at the University of Manchester, published in S

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