Check if your car is affected by the London T-charge and Ultra Low Emission Zone

What are the London T-charge and ULEZ

There are big changes coming into force for drivers who want to visit central London by car, as authorities grapple with poor air quality...
James Dyson electric car details and launch date

Dyson confirms electric car on sale by 2020

James Dyson has ended growing speculation after confirming that he intends to launch an electric car.
France races ahead of London as it pledges to ban diesel and petrol cars by 2040

France ahead of Britain with diesel and petrol ban

France has announced it will ban diesel and petrol cars from roads by 2040. The move is part of the nation's commitment to the Paris climate deal
Google Street View cars measure and map air pollution

Google Street View cars measure air pollution

First they mapped the world’s roads to help drivers get from A to B and house buyers snoop around neighbourhoods from the comfort of their armcha
Drivers of polluting cars could be paid £1,000 to go green

Scrappage for drivers of polluting cars

Drivers of highly polluting cars should be given a £1,000 voucher to help them to switch to cleaner cars, bicycles or public transport for their...
Cornwall ‘to evacuate polluted zones’

Cornwall ‘to evacuate polluted zones’

Dozens of families risk losing their homes under compulsory purchase powers and being moved elsewhere to protect them from air pollution.
Diesel cars pumping out twice the toxins of lorries and buses

Diesel cars pump out twice the toxins of lorries

Modern diesel cars produce more than twice as much toxic gas as a lorry or bus of the same age, analysis has found.
More average speed cameras to cut air pollution deaths

More average speed cameras to cut air pollution

Average speed cameras should be used on A-roads and motorways to reduce air pollution, according to the government’s health advisers.
Cheating VW ‘owes London £2.5m in congestion charges’

Cheating VW ‘owes London £2.5m congestion charge'

Volkswagen faces a £2.5m compensation demand from the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, for congestion charge underpayments linked to Dieselgate
British Government says drivers should be compensated over Volkswagen dieselgate emissions scandal

Government: VW should pay out over Dieselgate

The British government has said that drivers of Volkswagens affected by the Dieselgate emissions scandal should be compensated by the German car
Who is to blame for Dieselgate? Driving tracks down the engineers involved

Who is to blame? Driving tracks down the engineers...

If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen. That’s what the advertisements used to say. Now VW’s reputation is in tatters...
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News: Ultra-low emission zone confirmed for London...

The mayor of London has confirmed that a proposed ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) will come into effect in the capital on September 7, 2020.