Lorry operators fit HGVs with cheat devices to beat emission rules

Lorry operators are routinely fitting HGVs with cheat devices to allow vehicles to produce high levels of pollution, a government investigation h
Airbubbl system removes toxic air from inside car

Airbubbl system removes toxic air from inside car

Technology that sucks toxic gas out of cars will be introduced early next year after fears that drivers and passengers are being exposed to dange
Diesel tax anger as new models beat petrol in NOx pollution tests

New diesel models beat petrol in pollution tests

Some new diesel cars are much less polluting than new petrol cars, according to research. Independent tests have identified 11 diesel models, in
Google Street View cars measure and map air pollution

Google Street View cars measure air pollution

First they mapped the world’s roads to help drivers get from A to B and house buyers snoop around neighbourhoods from the comfort of their armcha
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Driving Green: Why have "green" cars been developed?

Burning fossil fuels releases all sorts of pollutants and carbon dioxide (or CO2) into the atmosphere. The former is being blamed for...
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News: Ultra-low emission zone confirmed for London...

The mayor of London has confirmed that a proposed ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) will come into effect in the capital on September 7, 2020.
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News: Switch off your engine when parked or face fine...

Islington Council is fining drivers who leave their car’s engine idling unnecessarily.