Haynes How-To: change front brake pads

Drivers rarely give much thought to their car’s braking system. Yet it is one of the most important safety features of any car.
Reader Letters: Bad diesel advice and not seeing the light

Reader Letters: Bad diesel advice

Roger Blackman is unsympathetic towards diesel owners and says a little research would have revealed why the diesel engine should be confined...
Reader Letters: Cabin smells, brake fluid changes, peanut power, clean diesel and Italian points

Reader Letters: Cabin smells and peanut power

Years ago I used to get a lift from a man with a Rolls-Royce of the same period as James May’s. It too had an unusual scent inside...
Reader Letters: Ateca wine, boiling brake fluid, auto headlights and NSX

Reader Letters: Ateca wine and boiling brake fluid

“Nobody wants an Ateca in their life,” says Jeremy Clarkson in his review of the new Seat. He should try a bottle of Bodegas Ateca’s old vines...

Reader Letters: Keyless capers and tax bombshells

"Is there anyone who finds keyless cars useful?" and other questions in this week's post bag.
Government proposes MoT after four years, not three

Government proposes MoT after four years

New cars won't need to undergo an MoT for four years under government plans to be announced this week.
Reader Letters: Aston corrections, speed limiters, Citroën brake wear and motorcycle filtering

Reader Letters: Speed limiters and motorbike wars

Your correspondence this week covers Clarkson's "insults" to Aston Martin's "fine engineers", Citroën brake wear query and erratic driving.
Car Clinic: What's causing the hissing noise that stops when I press the brake pedal?

Car Clinic: What's causing the hissing noise that stops...

A hissing noise comes from one side of my Audi A3 but stops when I press the brake pedal. The brakes seem to be working properly. Any ideas?
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Should I be worried about the grinding sound my car's...

Q. The brakes on my Volkswagen Polo 1.2 SE have made a grinding sound since I bought it new six months ago
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Letters of the week: September 13

This week: road tax, parking, numberplates, bus lanes, cyclists, head-up displays, sat nav speed displays, "fusty" Jags, Mazda brakes and motorway...
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Renault Captur recalled over brake issues

Renault is recalling 25,886 Captur models in UK over a fault that can reduce the effectiveness of the brakes...
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Garage says my brake master cylinder needs replacing...

A warning light on my 1996 Audi A6 tells me that the brake pads are worn or the brake fluid is low. The pads have done only 1,000 miles and the fluid...
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Should I be worried about the brake power assistance...

Q. The power assistance to the brakes on my 54-plate diesel Ford Focus C-Max sometimes stops functioning a few moments after starting up, only to...
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