Me and My Motor: Gary Player, golfer

Gary Player, who won all of golf’s major tournaments, claims modern superstars of the game are pale imitations of the big names of yesteryear.
Here are seven doomsday cars to get you through the impending apocalypse

Seven doomsday cars for the apocalypse

Apparently the apocalypse is just around the corner; a Christian conspiracy theorist said so. And unlike all previous predictions of the end...
Are these the 12 ugliest cars in the world? Nissan S-Cargo

Are these the 10 ugliest cars ever made?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say, but that doesn't explain how a car can be brought to market that looks like it drove through...
Me and My Motor: Brian Johnson, AC/DC frontman

Me and My Motor: Brian Johnson, AC/DC frontman

Brian Johnson, longtime frontman of the hard rock juggernaut AC/DC, is almost as at home on a racetrack as he is on stage.
Me and My Motor: Rande Gerber, bar entrepeneur and husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford

Me and My Motor: Rande Gerber

Rande Gerber made headlines last month when he and George Clooney, his business partner and drinking buddy, sold their Casamigos tequila brand...
Me and My Motor: Ellie Goulding, singer-songwriter

Me and My Motor: Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has enjoyed a string of hit songs but still prefers the anonymity of an Uber cab to driving something showy.
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Buying guide: 10 fabulous used cars for around £5,000

We thought we’d show you, with the help of some of the 350,000 used cars for sale on, that £5,000 can buy you something that will...
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Elvis’s pink Cadillac rocks up in London

“Well you may go to college / You may go to school / You may have a pink Cadillac / But don’t you be nobody’s fool
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New York show: All the big news from the Big Apple...

Detroit may still be the powerhouse of the US car industry, but New York is where the money is
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Super-rich, super-frugal: how some of the world's wealthiest...

As the rich and powerful left Davos at the weekend you might have imagined them in Lamborghinis and limos, but the elite are increasingly choosing...
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LCCS 2015: James May's most important cars in history

It’s a debate that has kept publicans in business for years: what are the best cars ever made? These are James May's picks at the London Classic...
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10 fabulous cars for around £5,000

We thought we’d like to show you, with the help of some of the 140,000 used cars for sale on, that £5,000 can buy you something that...
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Top 10 cars with a murky past

So, cars are just four wheels, a body and an engine? Not this lot.

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