Me and My Motor: Rande Gerber, bar entrepeneur and husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford

Rande Gerber made headlines last month when he and George Clooney, his business partner and drinking buddy, sold their Casamigos tequila brand...
Britain's clean fuel shame: how the UK has fallen out of the hydrogen car race

Hydrogen cars and Britain's clean fuel shame

Welcome to Culver City Honda, a vast car dealership that sprawls over several acres of Los Angeles. The newest car on the forecourt isn’t...
Reader Letters: Speed alerts, America's Route 1, post-Brexit numberplates and Clarkson's bust

Reader Letters: Speed alerts and Clarkson's bust

Driving along the M4 the other day I noticed brake lights ahead. Shortly after, I passed the source: two slow-moving, flat-base lorries in convoy
Great Drives: My way is the highway — Mazda MX-5 on California's Route 1

Great Drives: My way is the highway

California’s Route 1 combines spectacular scenery with the silver screen’s most celebrated locations. Explore the coast with the most...
California hydrogen highway

Welcome to California's hydrogen highway

California’s new ‘hydrogen highway’ could jump-start the adoption of fuel-cell cars in America
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AA Gill reviews 2015 Ferrari California T

To drive a Ferrari you need one vital piece of equipment: an eight-year-old boy
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The Clarkson review: Ferrari California T (2014)

A recent report suggested that people who use Apple iPhones are more intelligent, more successful and, of course, better-looking than those who use...
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Old vs new: Volkswagen T2 and California camper vans...

Staycations are on the rise, but what’s the best VW for a weekend at the seaside: a retro camper or a van with all mod cons?
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First drive review: Ferrari California T (2014)

The latest version of Ferrari’s Grand Tourer is more family-friendly than ever, but can still turn on the power
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Driven: Five reasons the Ferrari California T is one...

The new Ferrari California T is one of the most civilised sports cars on the road
Volkswagen California T5 (2005-2015)

Volkswagen California T5 review (2005-2015)

The Volkswagen Type 2, the basis for the “classic” VW camper van, may have finally ceased production after a mammoth 63-year run - but the experience...
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The Clarkson review: Ferrari California 30 (2012)

I suppose we all harbour a secret longing to buy a little sports car — a Triumph TR6, perhaps, that we can use for lunchtime trips to the pub on...
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Geneva show: Ferrari turbocharges the California roadster

FOR JUST a moment, picture yourself on the Amalfi coast with your Ferrari roadster’s roof stowed in the boot, blue skies and sunshine above and...

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