Parents are spending hundreds of pounds keeping children on road

With costs for under 25s continuing to rise, parents are having to contribute more and more money to keep young drivers behind the wheel.

Best dash cam car insurance discounts

See all of the car insurance providers that will offer you a discount if you have a dash cam.

Pay-as-you-drive car insurance now offered in UK

A new pay-as-you-drive car insurance initiative has been launched in the UK, with the service being designed with low mileage drivers in mind.
One million drivers may have fake car insurance as ghost brokers take hold

Up to a million drivers may have fake insurance

A crackdown on easy credit is claimed to have led up to one million drivers to take out illegitimate car insurance.
Cost of car insurance drops for the first time in two years

Cost of car insurance drops

Drivers could be forgiven for wondering whether running a car would ever stop costing them more money each year. The price of insurance and fuel,
Big excess won’t cut insurance cost, drivers warned

Big excess won’t cut insurance cost

Insurers have been accused of ripping off motorists by allowing large excesses on car insurance without offering any savings on the premium.
Ghost brokers: police warn of rise in fake car insurance

Police warn of rise in fake car insurance

Scammers are using social media to trick drivers into buying fake car insurance policies. Police in London warn that around 850 people have repo

Admiral charges Hotmail users more for insurance

One of Britain’s biggest car insurers has admitted increasing premiums for drivers who apply using a Hotmail account. Motorists seeking cover fr
Reader Letters: Mobile distractions, lucky colours and ageist insurers

Reader Letters: Mobile hazards and ageist insurers

Roger Grosvenor asked why it was permissible to drive a tourist coach while holding a mike but not to use a mobile in a car...
HotMailIniciodesesion Car Clinic: Insurance premium increase after removing a named driver from the policy

My car insurance company charged me for removing a...

I asked Gladiator insurance to remove a named driver from my new policy a couple of days before the old one expired. The policy had already been renewed...
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News: GPs are the most accident prone drivers on the...

White-van man may suffer from a reputation for recklessness but it’s the drivers in white coats you should really be concerned about...
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Car insurance for young drivers: how do you get the...

Hefty premiums can deter youngsters from getting on the road and costs are only likely to rise this year, but Emma Smith has some tips on how to ease...
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News: Ambulance drivers go back to school in face of...

Health authority's £400,000 accident repair bill requires emergency attention