The Motor Awards 2018: Vote for your best city car / small car of the year

Voting is open in The Sunday Times Motor Awards 2018. Here is a rundown of the City/Small Car of the Year presented by Virgin Radio contenders.

Top five best city cars to buy in 2018

City cars are a lot more talented than their pigeonhole title suggests. These are some of the best value-for-money cars in showrooms and they're
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Car of the week: DS 3

Before the DS3 came along, Citroën was best known for building the 2CV, the car that went from 0 to 60mph in a day and became affectionately known...
2015 Fiat 500 Pop review

First Drive review: Fiat 500 1.2 Pop

Sometimes you've just got to be brave. Sometimes you’ve got to be prepared to set aside
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New cars with the longest warranty

Cars are expensive and complicated. So when they go wrong, it can be an extraordinarily costly business to fix them. That’s why it’s important...
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New Registration Special: City cars and superminis

Driving's guide to the best city cars and superminis with 64 registration plate for September 2014
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Peugeot 108 review (2014-on)

It’s nice when teamwork pays off. For its latest city car, Peugeot has once again joined forces with sister company Citroën and their mutual friends...
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Tiny tearaways

This car is almost identical to the Volkswagen Up! and Seat Mii but offers better value than either.
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Suited and booted

BMW 318d Sport against an ageing Mercedes C-class that’s due to be replaced this summer and an uninspiring Audi A4
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New registration special

IT'S BEEN a long, hard winter but as the flood waters and gales subside, the first signs of spring are in the air.
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Top 10 city cars

The city car's roots lie in the Minis and Fiat 500s of the Sixties, driven by youngsters to jazz clubs and “happenings” down London’s...
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