Buying Guide: Pressure washer buying guide with the most popular models reviewed

There is a simple way to distinguish a true car-lover from the general motoring public: pick out the person who is lovingly hand-cleaning...
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Why does a smeary film keep appearing on my windscreen...

Q. A smeary film keeps appearing on my VW Golf’s windscreen. I clean the car every two weeks with a jet washer, and I use VW screenwash, Autoglym...
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Car clinic: How do I get rid of ants from my car?

Your motoring problems solved
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Car clinic: Car interior spring cleaning tips

My car is full of a winter’s worth of trodden-in crisps, brazil nuts, chocolate, mud, dog hairs and worse. Any spring cleaning tips? I really don’t...
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Sponges at the ready!

Complete guide to spring cleaning your car
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