Businessman faked accident to buy valuable private number plate

The director of an accident claims firm has been convicted for reporting a fake crash to the government’s licensing agency in order to trace the
Driver fights fine for singing in car

Driver fights fine for singing at the wheel

A Canadian man is awaiting a court showdown to defend his right to sing and drive after being fined for chanting along at the wheel to a 1990s cl
Me and My Motor: Peter James, bestselling crime novelist

Me and My Motor: Peter James

Peter James, writer of bestselling crime novels, was just two years old when he fell out of his father’s Standard Vanguard and needed 23 stitches
Volkswagen emissions chief’s bid for bail fails

Volkswagen emissions chief loses bail hearing

A Volkswagen executive wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and handcuffs lost his attempt to win bail in a US court
Petra Ecclestone: money can’t buy happiness — it buys things

Petra Ecclestone: money can’t buy happiness

Meeting Petra Stunt (still better known as Ecclestone) — and, actually, meeting her daughter, a bright little moppet with blond curls...
Carjackers using Tasers on women, police warn

Carjackers using tasers on women, police warn

Criminals armed with stun guns have attempted a string of carjackings, prompting a warning from police for female motorists...
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Video: Watch CCTV footage of the Red Bull Racing factory...

CCTV footage of the moment ram raiders crash into the factory of the Red Bull Racing F1 team has been released by police
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How hi-tech thieves are defeating keyless car security...

As some insurers refuse to cover Range Rovers after a spate of thefts, car makers are finally admitting to a security flaw. The good old metal key...
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Letters of the week, September 21

The issues that got you talking this week.
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News: Traffic police cuts make street racing easier...

There is a group of drivers who see something very different when they look through the windscreen. Motorways are test tracks, tunnels are exhaust...
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