Video: Police officer assaulted by motorcyclist in Liverpool, caught on dash cam

A driver filmed a police officer being assaulted by a motorcyclist in Liverpool. Dash cam footage appears to show the motorcyclist punching...

Watch as baby crawls across major road in Vietnam

A baby was captured on dash cam as it crossed a major road in Quảng Ninh, Vietnam. The shocking footage shows a lorry and car stopping...
What should you do if you record a car crash on your dash cam?

What should you do if you video a car crash?

If you capture on video a minor accident between two cars, are you required to hand over the footage to the police or the drivers involved?
Caught on dash cam: Car nearly flattened by boulder in Taiwan

Video: Car nearly flattened by boulder

A driver in Taiwan had a close call on February 20 when a large boulder fell just seconds from his car on a highway.
Truck dash cam captures drug driving crash on M1 motorway in Australia

Video: Truck dash cam captures drug driving crash

A truck's dash cam captured the moment a car driver high on drugs pulled out into the HGV's path while rejoining an Australian highway.
Dramatic dash cam footage captures light aircraft crash

Dramatic dashcam footage captures plane crash

The moment a light aircraft made an emergency landing onto a main road and burst into flames has been captured on a driver's dashcam.

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