The best hybrid cars to buy instead of a diesel

Sales of diesel cars slumped by 17% in Britain, last year, as drivers switched to petrol or hybrid models, or simply postponed buying a new car a

Porsche stops selling diesel cars

Porsche will no longer sell diesel-powered cars. The German car manufacturer announced that it is to discontinue the remaining diesel car from it
Emissions scandal: after VW did Mercedes cheat diesel tests?

After VW did Mercedes cheat diesel tests?

German media allege that US authorities have discovered that Daimler, parent of Mercedes, developed software for its diesel-powered vehicles that
Time to ditch diesel? Comparing the costs of driving a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric car

Time to ditch diesel? See the cost of alternatives

In little more than 20 years, the government hopes the rattle of diesel and roar of petrol-powered cars will fall silent. It wants drivers to kic
Dieselgate: readers complain of new issues after VW 'fix'

Dieselgate: complaints of new issues after VW fix

THE Volkswagen Group's fix for its vehicles caught up in the dieselgate emissions scandal was meant to be simple.
Check if your car is affected by the London T-charge and Ultra Low Emission Zone

What are the London T-charge and ULEZ

There are big changes coming into force for drivers who want to visit central London by car, as authorities grapple with poor air quality...
What car scrappage schemes are available in 2017?

What car scrappage schemes are available in 2017?

Following concerns over air pollution and the government's announcement that cars powered solely by petrol and diesel engines will be banned from
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Five cities to get ultra-low-emissions zones

Councils are to be given the power to charge thousands of private motorists to enter city centres
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London ‘pollution penalty’ may hit diesel cars...

Drivers of diesel cars could be hit with a “pollution penalty” every time they enter London
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News: London council to slap £96 surcharge on 'dirty’...

Adding the cost to residents’ parking permits will hit families hard, critics tell Driving...
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News: Car makers try to stall tougher real-world emissions...

Car makers are pushing back on new “real-world” emissions tests that would more accurately measure vehicle pollution, reports The Times.
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News: Shrunken engine gives Mondeo Man new might

The new Ford Mondeo, due to go on sale at the end of this year, will have the world’s most advanced engine.
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News: Drivers flout law on killer diesel

Thousands of diesel cars and vans are being driven illegally after having factory-fitted exhaust filters removed, adding to the pollution that scientists...
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