GM to launch driverless car without steering wheel or pedals by 2019

The firsT mass-produced driverless car without a steering wheel will be made by General Motors, which says that it aims to have the vehicles on U
Driverless cars are a “waste of time and money”

Driverless cars are a “waste of time and money”

Plans to make the UK a world centre for driverless cars are a “waste of time and money” as research suggests that the public believes they are...
Self-driving cars will be allowed to park themselves in overhaul of rules

Self-driving cars to be allowed to park themselves

Motorists will be able to park their car remotely using a smartphone or key fob for the first time under plans to overhaul the rules of the road.
Beam me up: advice will be streamed to dashboards by fibre-optic cables in motorway

Beam me up: advice will be streamed to dashboards

Hundreds of miles of fibre-optic cables running along the centre of England’s busiest motorways will aim to eradicate congestion by beaming traff
Phillip Hammond budget 2017: implications and details for drivers - diesel, fuel duty, driverless cars, road tax and more

Budget 2017: everything drivers need to know

The chancellor of the exchequer, Philip Hammond, has announced the government’s 2017 Budget. Here's what you need to know.
Waymo is first to operate driverless cars on public roads

Waymo first with driverless cars on public roads

The driverless car is edging closer to a showroom near you.  Waymo, Google's driverless car division, is believed to have become the first compan
Robot motorbike rider attempts to beat Valentino Rossi on a race track

Robot motorbike rider attempts to beat Rossi

For motorcycle riders, nothing beats the freedom of the open road and the feeling of man and machine working in perfect harmony. But if one Japan
The Future of Transport: The co-pilot takes over with driverless cars

The future of transport: The co-pilot takes over

The key to a driverless future is artificial intelligence, which will enable self-driving cars to take decisions like a human.
Reader Letters: Welsh road signs, road tax truths, cycling clothing, driverless cars and trusting the politicians

Reader Letters: Tax truths and signage goofs

We have recently moved to Wales, where the road signs are in two languages. It can be very difficult to pick up where the English text starts...
Reader Letters: Driverless car challenge and flashing bike lights

Reader Letters: Driverless issue and bike lights

In future cities populated with driverless cars, imagine the battle for right of way once pranksters, daredevils and eventually all cyclists...
New microprocessor steers British company towards driverless cars

New chip steers company towards driverless cars

Britain’s biggest tech company has unveiled a new microprocessor targeted at emerging technologies, including driverless cars.
Intel makes $15bn move to clear way for driverless cars

Intel spends $15bn on 'eyes' for driverless cars

Intel is to buy an Israeli maker of self-driving car technology for $15.3bn (£12.6bn), a record deal for the emerging autonomous vehicle indust
Driverless cars make their testers dozy

Driverless cars make their testers dozy

Ford’s engineers have been nodding off so often in tests of self-driving cars that the manufacturer has ditched its plans for semi-autonomous...
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