Reader Letters: Electric cars, brake light dazzle, insurance, swerving and continental headlight converters

"The reason why electric car manufacturers do not give the carbon footprint of the power they use is because it depends on the generation..."
Car Clinic: What do I need to know about Paris car emissions rules before driving there?

Car Clinic: What are the Paris emissions rules?

"I am driving to Paris and have heard of new anti-pollution rules in the city. Do I need to do anything before I set off?"
Reader Letters: French flies, car tax tussles, Welsh road signs and wave power

Reader Letters: Tax tussles and French flies

"After accumulating what seemed to be most of France’s flies on my windscreen, I followed a friend’s tip and attacked them with a wet wipe."
Reader Letters: dazzling headlights, Macan boots, British cars and French road rules

Reader Letters: fix for glare &French road rules

Regarding headlight dazzle, I experienced the same problem when driving at night in the rain — until...
What Brexit means for driving in Europe

What Brexit means for driving in Europe

Popping across to France in your car has never been easier, thanks to the addition of the Euro Tunnel trains to the good, old-fashioned ferries...
HotMailIniciodesesion Reader Letters: Austrian tolls, speedo accuracy, Specs cameras and antiquated RAC

Reader Letters: Austrian tolls, speedo accuracy, Specs...

A warning to readers: I have just received notice of a hefty fine for not displaying a vignette — the toll sticker that permits you to drive on...
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Counterpart driving licence changes — what you need...

If you're hiring a car, either in the UK or abroad, or drive for a living you'll need to know about these important changes to driving licences.
Jeremy Clarkson quotes: foreigners

Clarkson on: foreigners

Jeremy Clarkson has managed to land himself in hot water with Indians, Mexicans, Malaysians, Americans ... in fact, pretty much everyone in the world
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Will a roof box increase my car's fuel consumption?

I need to buy a roof box for my 2003 Audi RS 6 to accommodate my family’s expanding paraphernalia. I regularly travel in France and Germany and...
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News: The AA uncovers Europe's oddest driving rules

If you're driving to Romania or Belarus this holiday season, don’t forget to pack a bucket and sponge...
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Points: Letters of the week, June 29

The issues that got you talking this week
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British holidaymakers warned as France cracks down...

Ready, aim, fine: why the French police have declared open season on speeding British drivers
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Driving in France: know the rules with help from the...

The Institute of Advanced Motorists' top tips to ensure you stay on the right side of the law in France.
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