VAN 1TY: five-fold rise in personalised numberplates

Record numbers of motorists are driving cars fitted with personalised numberplates amid a surge in “auto vanity”. The Driver and Vehicle Licensin
Businessman faked accident to buy valuable private number plate

Businessman faked accident to buy car number plate

The director of an accident claims firm has been convicted for reporting a fake crash to the government’s licensing agency in order to trace the...
Recalled cars could be banned from the road if not repaired

Recalled cars banned from the road if not repaired

Cars subjected to safety recalls could be effectively banned from the road under plans outlined after the Vauxhall Zafira fire scandal. The Depar
Reader Letters: Hearse campers, VW emissions fix failures, EV battery swapping, dash cams, Shell V-Power costs and DVLA data

Reader Letters: VW failures and fun in a hearse

I was interested to read about Peter James’s 1967 hearse (“Me and My Motor”, August 13). When I was an accountancy student in the mid-1960s...
Reader Letters: Hydrogen car future, spare wheels, dash cams, solar trickle chargers and reporting illegal cars

Reader Letters: Hydrogen cars and spare wheels

"The plan to ban new registrations of internal-combustion-engine cars from 2040 has generated many column inches about battery-powered..."
Reader Letters: Smart motorways, disabled parking spaces, motorway etiquette and reporting drivers without tax

Reader Letters: Smart motorways and blue badges

David Holden complains of the “war on motorists” after receiving a ticket for driving at 57mph in a 50mph limit — and wonders whether to...
Drivers pay £40m by card fees on road tax

Drivers pay £40m by card fees on road tax

Motorists have paid £40 million in “rip-off” credit-card charges when buying road tax in the past five years.
Bring back tax disc, say drivers as clamping rises

Bring back tax disc, say drivers as clamping rises

The number of cars clamped has more than doubled since paper tax discs were abolished, leading to warnings that the reform has left a significant
Cost of motoring steers a million young drivers off the road

A million young drivers stay off the road

It used to be that you either enjoyed driving or you didn't, but even if you didn't the practical need to get from A to B meant you'd tolerate it

Too rude for the road: '66' plates you won't see

It reads like a list of naughty words written inside a schoolboy’s desk, but is actually the registration plates that have been censored ...
Digital driving licence app coming to smartphones

Driving licence app coming to smartphones

Anyone who has been caught out after leaving home without their photocard driving licence will welcome the news that a digital version is being developed...
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Reader letters: the height of SUVs, cycle superhighways...

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