Would you use this new autonomous flying taxi from Audi and Airbus?

Ask weary travellers to name the worst aspect of international travel and it’s likely they will highlight the time-consuming business of getting

Video: SkyRunner flying car crashes during takeoff

Despite flying cars first getting off the ground as long ago as 1949, when Moulton “Molt” Taylor, an American inventor, took to the skies in the...
Uber and NASA to launch electric flying taxis 'by 2020'

Uber and NASA to launch electric flying taxis

UBER has done a deal with the US space agency to launch flying cars in cities around the world. The taxi hire company will work with Nasa to crea

Take six: Luxx's hottest launches

Electric cars for kids, vegan interiors and a new way to commute — six of the coolest things to catch David Green's eye this year.
Will flying cars ever take off?

Will flying cars ever take off?

The ultimate trophy for the upwardly mobile, flying cars are a reality at last. But will they be more than playthings for the rich?
Video: Flying car offers commuters speedy escape from gridlock

Video: Flying car offers escape from gridlock

It could be the answer to the congestion crisis gripping our biggest cities: a car that can take to the skies to avoid rush-hour gridlock.
Scorpion-3 hoverbike takes off for extreme commute

Video: Hoverbike takes off for extreme commute

Watch a Star Wars-style hoverbike being tested successfully in Russia.
Terrafugia flying car

Terrafugia flying car Mk 2 scheduled for take‑off...

Customers may still be awaiting delivery of the Terrafugia Transition flying car, but that has not stopped the maker pushing ahead with its new model...
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AeroMobil, Europe's first production flying car to...

Europe's first production flying car will take to the skies in 2017, said the company behind it, AeroMobil
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Forget Back to the Future: here are six real flying...

Welcome to 2015, a year in which we pay for goods and services by thumbprint identification, video-call the office and . . . fly cars, if the Back...
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News: The AeroMobil flying car moves closer to runway

Is this the ultimate jam-buster? Instead of sitting in tiresome queues, just fly over them. A new version of the AeroMobil flying car is set to be...
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