The best hybrid cars to buy instead of a diesel

Sales of diesel cars slumped by 17% in Britain, last year, as drivers switched to petrol or hybrid models, or simply postponed buying a new car a
Peugeot and Citroën websites now display

Peugeot, Citroën, DS publish "real world" mpg

It's been a bone of contention for drivers for years: the fuel efficiency of their car rarely seems to tally with the MPG stated in the brochure,
Car Clinic: Does the Sport setting on a Mercedes save fuel around town?

Car Clinic: Does the Sport setting save fuel?

At a speed awareness course my husband was told that using the Sport setting on our automatic Mercedes in town saves petrol. My garage disagreed.
Why do cars not achieve the claimed MPG figure?

Why do cars not achieve the claimed MPG figure?

A Peugeot I test-drove recently claimed 90mpg; I managed 47mpg. Why the discrepancy?
Mitsubishi fuel economy rigging

First VW Dieselgate; now Mitsubishi admits rigging...

First it was Germany’s giant Volkswagen Group; now Mitsubishi, one of Japan’s biggest car makers, has admitted cheating in fuel economy tests
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Volkswagen emissions scandal: guess who'll pick up...

Drivers face paying hundreds of pounds extra for new cars as the costs of tough environmental controls ushered in after the VW emissions
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How accurate are fuel economy figures?

Q. My wife has bought a 61-plate petrol Nissan Qashqai+2. Its fuel economy is typically 20-24mpg. Our trips are short so we’re not expecting the...
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Driving Green: Nine tips for eco-driving

You don’t have to have a new car or one with green tech to cut your fuel bills. Whatever you drive, a few simple steps will help cut fuel use –...
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What are the benefits of 'normal' tyres over low-profile...

Q. I drive a Peugeot 207 fitted with low-profile tyres. I’m considering replacing them with “normal” tyres. Will this give me quieter running...
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News: Sat navs loaded with road gradient data will...

New sat nav maps that include information on road gradients will cut fuel bills by ensuring that cars make the most of downhill sections...
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Is it true that air-conditioning wrecks fuel economy?...

Q. My garage tells me I should use my 14-year-old Ford Focus’s air-conditioning regularly in order to keep it functioning. I rarely turn it on as...
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Forget fuel economy: The winning and losing cars at...

As pump prices plummet, buyers can once more afford to put driving pleasure before the sensible stuff. Driving picks our winners and losers in the...
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Should I buy a diesel or petrol car?

Diesels are increasingly popular - but are they really cheaper?

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