After Uber’s fatal crash, will driverless cars ever become a reality?

Nick Rufford looks at how pedestrian death involving a modified self-driving Volvo has slammed the brakes on the autonomous vehicle dream.
Jaguar and Waymo announce driverless car project using I-Pace electric SUV

Jaguar and Waymo announce driverless car project

Jaguar and Waymo have announced they are to develop driverless ride-hailing cars together.
See what a driver driverless car sees with mind-blowing 360° video from Google's Waymo division

Video: See what a driverless car sees

Will fully autonomous cars ever become the norm on our roads? There are several reasons to be sceptical but a chief concern is their ability...
Waymo is first to operate driverless cars on public roads

Waymo first with driverless cars on public roads

The driverless car is edging closer to a showroom near you.  Waymo, Google's driverless car division, is believed to have become the first compan
Google Street View cars measure and map air pollution

Google Street View cars measure air pollution

First they mapped the world’s roads to help drivers get from A to B and house buyers snoop around neighbourhoods from the comfort of their armcha
Driverless cars make their testers dozy

Driverless cars make their testers dozy

Ford’s engineers have been nodding off so often in tests of self-driving cars that the manufacturer has ditched its plans for semi-autonomous...
Android Auto launches on mobile handsets

Android Auto update works with all cars

Drivers whose car does not have a swish multimedia module could soon forget their touchscreen envy
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Artists give Google cars a makeover

Google has given its self-drive prototype cars a style makeover with designs by local artists...
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Google Maps to detect potholes with shock sensors

Google is to take on the world's bad road surfaces with technology that can detect potholes and mark them on its maps
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Google sounds alarm to cut level-crossing crashes with...

Smartphones will warn drivers when they approach level crossings in an effort to cut the number of near-misses and serious crashes...
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Google’s driverless cars in new collision

Crash, bang, Google: the internet search giant has admitted that another of its self-driving cars has been in a collision
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News: British driverless car begins 3,500-mile trek

A British self-driving car is trying to beat Google on its home turf, with the first autonomous coast-to-coast trip across America
News: Self-driving Audi A7 takes 550-mile trip from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas

News: Self-driving Audi A7 takes 550-mile trip from...

The ultimate road trip for many motorists would be coast to coast across America in a Mustang with the hood down. For the engineers at Audi, however...