The Clarkson Review: 2017 Hyundai i30 N Performance

I was driving along in a dreary, ugly and unnecessary Mini Countryman the other day when an important message flashed up on the dashboard.
As Vauxhall launches the new Insignia GSi, here are five fast Vauxhalls that set roads on fire

Five fast Vauxhalls that set roads on fire

Not all drivers after a sports saloon choose an Audi, BMW or Mercedes. Rewind by a couple of decades, and you’ll return to an era when...
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Battle of the hot hatches: VW Golf GTI v Ford Focus...

A decade after Driving first pitted the VW Golf GTI against the Ford Focus ST, we line up their latest offspring. So which rules the road now?
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New cars with the longest warranty

Cars are expensive and complicated. So when they go wrong, it can be an extraordinarily costly business to fix them. That’s why it’s important...
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Audi S1 review (2014-on)

It may be Audi's smallest car, but boy does it go...
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Jumping GTIs - the beancounters have been at the chilli

Jeremy Clarkson on Suzuki's pocket rocket, the Swift Sport.

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