Video: Meet the 250mph McLaren Speedtail, the F1’s true successor

Watch David Green's sneak preview of the McLaren Speedtail — a 243mph+ "Hyper-GT" successor to the McLaren F1.
Rapid switch to electric vehicles will lead to job losses, warns EU car industry

Rapid switch to EVs will put car industry at risk

Tougher CO2 targets to ensure a rapid shift to electric vehicles could put the European automotive sector at risk, says its trade body.
Aston Martin aims high with Volante Vision autonomous plane concept

Aston Martin unveils Volante Vision plane concept

Aston Martin's product portfolio could reach new heights, if its Volante Vision Concept autonomous private plane design study ever takes off.
German tuner Abt unleashes 1,000bhp+ Audi RS6 Avant

Abt unleashes 1,000bhp+ Audi RS6 Avant prototype

The German tuning firm Abt Sportsline has unveiled the most extreme car it's ever created: an Audi RS6 Avant that produces over 1,000bhp.

Tougher Congestion Charge limits proposed by TfL.

Transport for London has proposed a new range of Congestion Charge alterations, with the aim of substantially improving air quality in the city.
This is why a Porsche driver can pay the same road tax as a Prius driver

How Porsche & Prius drivers can pay same road tax

In an age of "fake news" this one might seem a bit suspicious: a BBC report on the case of a Porsche sports car driver who's paying the same...
Reader Letters: electric car charging standards and towing, M42 refuge, handbrakes on automatics and comfy seats

Reader Letters: electric car charging standards an

"We are charging ahead with electric cars without the necessary planning. The government needs to step in and introduce a fast-charging standard"
Top five best hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars

Top five best hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars

It doesn't seem that long ago that the Noughties rolled in and some of Hollywood's best-known A-listers tried their hand at evangelicalism, warni
2016 BMW 2-series Active Tourer PHEV review

2016 BMW 2-series Active Tourer PHEV review

BMW's 2-series Active Tourer and its seven-seat Gran Tourer sister have never been the darlings of the BMW model range...
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The big buzz: how electric cars took over the Frankfurt...

Not everyone loves electric cars: shortly before the Labour leadership election, the BBC invited Jeremy Corbyn to be interviewed in the back of an...
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Toyota Prius+ review (2015)

This seven-seat people carrier is trying to reinvent the MPV. Toyota was not content to follow the crowd and bung a diesel engine under the bonnet;...
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Driving Green: What are hybrid cars?

The first alternatively fuelled cars to hit our roads in significant numbers were petrol-electric hybrids...
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Letters of the week, April 26

This week: more on spare wheels, self-parking car queries, nice guys with personalised number plates and more.
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