Me and My Motor: Arabella Weir, actor, author and star of The Fast Show

"I used to have a thing for Renaults," explains Arabella Weir. "I used to own George Harrison's Renault 5. I wonder if it's still out there."

2017 BMW i3 REX vs Volkswagen e-Golf

By 2040, if the government gets its way, drivers looking for a new car will have a simple choice: buy an electric car or a hybrid car....
The five best electric cars you’d be happy to drive: Nissan Leaf is a good all-rounder

Top five best electric cars

After the government announced that it intends to follow the lead set by Norway and France, and ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars...
The best cars to avoid paying road tax (VED)

The best cars for avoiding road tax (VED)

Every driver knows how expensive it can be to run a car, even before paying costly annual road tax. And since April’s changes to car tax,
BMW i3 and i3 Range Extender review (2013-on)

BMW i3 and i3 Range Extender review (2013-on)

BMW was behind Renault and Nissan in entering the electric vehicle market with proper production cars, but compared with true rivals such as Audi...
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Letters of the week, January 31

This week: dazzling headlights, texting at traffic lights and VW emissions
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Top 100 Cars 2016: Top 5 Electric & Hybrid

The HotMailIniciodesesion presents its Top 5 electric and hybrid cars of 2016, featuring Tesla, Nissan, Audi, BMW and Mitsubishi.
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What do you need to know before buying a used electric...

At the end of 2014, Nissan claimed that most Leaf drivers wouldn’t ever go back to an ICE (internal combustion engine) car
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Driving Green: Top five electric cars

It's not that long since there weren’t five electric cars to choose from – and certainly not five genuinely decent models worth investing your...
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Letters of the week, April 26

This week: more on spare wheels, self-parking car queries, nice guys with personalised number plates and more.
BMW i3 parks itself at the touch of a smartwatch

News: BMW i3 parks itself at the touch of a smartwatch

It sounds like a scene from a James Bond blockbuster: BMW has revealed an i3 car that can drive itself around a multi-storey car park and park itself...
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News: BMW brings car sharing to UK with DriveNow scheme

BMW will shortly announce plans to bring its car club to Britain, allowing drivers to hire the electric i3, as well as conventionally-powered Minis...
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Buying guide: 25 best eco-cars for every occasion ‒...

Dismissed by some as shopping trolleys, city cars are some of the most innovative vehicles on the road, cramming four passengers into a parking-friendly...