Great Drives: Ice-driving across Lake Baikal, Siberia, in a Mazda CX-5

It’s illegal to drive across Russia’s largest lake, unless you have a permit from the authorities. And to get that, you need to prove you...
Snow and traffic jams forecast this Easter: drivers warned to take extra care on roads

Snow and traffic jams forecast this Easter

With temperatures forecast to hit minus 10C in some parts of the country this Easter, British motorists are being warned to take extra care...
Video: School bus full of children slides on ice, slams into car

Video: School bus full of children slides on ice

This is the moment a school bus loaded with children slammed into a car after sliding down an untreated, icy residential road in the American tow
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Grit on a wiper blade has scratched my windscreen —...

After recent trips in cold weather, grit that had frozen to a wiper blade resulted in a scratched windscreen. How can I get it back in shape?
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News: Councils to spread treacle on winter roads to...

More drivers could find themselves in a sticky situation this winter when councils start using a blend of treacle and salt to treat icy roads.
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Get ready for winter: how to prepare your car for cold...

Each winter, websites such as ours and motoring organisations such as the AA warn drivers against the perils of setting out unprepared for the weather