Only five councils have used government funding to install electric car charging points

Councils have come under fire for failing to install roadside charging points for electric cars. Ministers said that only five local authorities
Entrepreneur develops flying taxi to ferry passengers across London

Entrepreneur develops flying taxi for London

A British entrepreneur is developing a drone capable of transporting commuters from central London to Heathrow airport in 12 minutes.
London tops table of middle lane hoggers on motorways

London tops table of middle lane hoggers

Nothing gets drivers grumbling quite like other motorists hogging the middle lane. Now research reveals that drivers should avoid London if they
LEVC TX new electric london taxi

New London taxi could be a game-changer

It looks very similar to every other London black cab currently on the road but the new London taxi, which goes into service today, is a world aw
Traffic to be banned from Oxford Street in fight against air pollution

Traffic ban for Oxford Street

All vehicles will be banned from Oxford Street under radical plans to tackle air pollution. The western section of the central London street, hom
Drivers of pre-2016 diesel cars face London toxicity charge

Pre-2015 diesel cars face extra London charge

Sadiq Khan said that his £10 toxicity charge, or T-charge, which was introduced in central London last month for cars built before 2005 ...
London pay-per-mile road charging proposal

Drivers in London face first pay-per-mile charge

Drivers in London could face a pay-per-mile road charge, as proposals are considered to cut the level of harmful air pollution and congestion wit
Great Drives_Beachy Head 1440

Great Drives: the best routes for a British summer

Britain is a compact country but it offers something to suit all tastes, and cars, from winding switchbacks that let a roadster stretch its legs
What you need to know about government diesel scrappage and nitrogen dioxide reduction

Proposed diesel scrappage and NO2 reduction plans

The Department for Environment & Rural Affairs has published a consultation document outlining the government's proposals for reducing...
Prince Philip gives up his personal Metrocab taxi

Prince Philip gives up his personal taxi

Prince Philip is handing over his private London taxi to the Sandringham Museum after 18 years of service.
Skid risk grows on the UK’s crumbling roads

Skid risk grows on UK’s crumbling roads

Motorists risk skidding on a quarter of roads because of an alarming deterioration in the highways network
Neighbours rack up six figure legal bills in parking space dispute

Neighbours go to court over parking spaces

A “trivial” row over parking spaces has torn apart a millionaires’ community and led to six-figure legal bills, a court has been told...
Parents risk criminal record over school run

Parents risk criminal record over school run

The harried parents dashing along the pavements of Severn Drive with unruly shoals of children in tow do not look much like criminals...
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