Me and My Motor: Brian Johnson, AC/DC frontman

Brian Johnson, longtime frontman of the hard rock juggernaut AC/DC, is almost as at home on a racetrack as he is on stage.
I inherited an MGA: how a classic car changed how I look at motoring (video) - Charlotte Vowden with her 1960 MGA,

Video: I inherited an MGA

"The country air is like champagne.” With the top down and my hair being whipped up by the wind, I thought of the words my grandfather...
Me and My Motor: Jeffrey Archer, the former MP turned bestselling author

Me and My Motor: Jeffrey Archer

"I met my wife, Mary, while we were both students at Oxford,” says Jeffrey Archer, the former MP turned bestselling author...
First Drive review: 2016 MG GS crossover

First Drive review: 2016 MG GS

Time and again, life has dealt MG blows that would have felled a lesser mortal. And every time this honoured British institution has got up again
Me and My Motor: Cerys Matthews of Catatonia on family cars and beaten-up trucks

Me and My Motor: Cerys Matthews of Catatonia

Before Catatonia became one of the top-selling groups of the 1990s, Cerys Matthews and her bandmates spent many long nights driving home...
Dog umbrella: Best April Fools jokes by car companies

Ha ha cars: the best April Fools jokes from car companies

Car companies like April Fools, as it's a chance to let down their hair and shake off corporate guidelines. So here are this years humorous indulgences...
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Car of the week: MG GTS

It may cause MGB owners to splutter into their string-backed leather driving gloves, but MG is hoping to hook a new generation of young buyers with...
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News: MG reveals GTS, a rival for the Nissan Qashqai

The rejuvenated MG brand, which launched the MG6 saloon in 2011 and followed up with the likeable MG3 supermini in 2013, has unveiled its first family...
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News: Thousands of classic cars destroyed in 2009 vehicle...

Hundreds of early Minis, MGB GT sports cars and Porsches were among the thousands of classic cars that were sent to the crusher under the government’s...
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MG6 review (2011-on)

In the hard-fought small family car sector, the MG6 struggles to compete - partly because of a narrow range of variants but mainly because of the...
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MG 3 review (2013-on)

Can the MG 3 tempt buyers from the likes of the market-leading Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa with its bargain-basement prices?
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News: March registration plate change triggers showroom...

The allure of a shiny new 14-plate model was enough to drive a record number of new car buyers into dealer showrooms, according to figures from the...
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Jeremy Clarkson’s guide to the best and worst cars...

Can you remember which cars Jeremy Clarkson loved and loathed in 2013?
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