Vauxhall to close one in three car dealerships amid falling sales and shift to online

Vauxhall is to end contracts with its dealerships across the UK as the company battles falling sales and changing habits among car buyers.
New car sales 2017 vs 2007: winners and losers as Vauxhall tumbles and Mercedes booms

Vauxhall sales plummeted in 2017, Mercedes' boomed

Has the humble family hatchback had its day? Data showing the number of new cars sold in the UK last year paints a gloomy picture for Vauxhall, o
Fallout from hard Brexit could drive up cost of cars by £2,300

Brexit could drive up cost of cars by £2,300

More than £2,300 could be added to the price of an average car under a “hard Brexit”, according to research.
Motor industry must source parts from UK in case of hard Brexit

Motor industry must look closer to home for parts

More parts for British-built cars will be sourced from within the UK under plans to insulate the automotive industry from the potentially...
Peugeot rules out job losses at Vauxhall

Peugeot rules out job losses at Vauxhall

PSA Peugeot Citroën has promised to safeguard all existing job guarantees in its €2bn takeover of Opel Vauxhall.
Business secretary makes jobs pledge at Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port plant

Business secretary makes jobs pledge to Vauxhall

The business secretary pledged the government’s “unbounded commitment” to protecting jobs at Vauxhall yesterday
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News: Sacré bleu, new boss of Citroën is a Brit

For the first time in its 95-year history, Citroën, that most French of French car makers, has a Brit at the helm.
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