These are the top 10 most reliable hatchback cars on sale

The UK's most reliable family hatchbacks have been revealed in a new survey, and it shows some of the nations most popular models aren't top...
Buyer beware: premium brands make less reliable cars

Named: the posh brands that bring big repair bills

Britain's drivers are embracing used cars like never before. Last year a record 8.2m used motors were snapped up
Warranty provider reveals the most and least reliable family cars in Britain

Most and least reliable family cars revealed

For many drivers, buying a secondhand family car is time-consuming, confusing and stressful. From researching which model has a boot big enough..
The Fixer: Land Rover drivers share their experience of poor reliability and customer care

Land Rover drivers report on their faulty cars

For a luxury car that comes loaded with toys and carries a price tag to match, Range Rovers are leaving some customers disappointed.
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News: Are these the most unreliable cars in the UK?

It has the heart of a BMW M5, the bones of an Audi RS 6 and the breath of a Seat Alhambra. No, this isn't one of Jeremy Clarkson's cheese-fuelled...
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News: Japan beats Germany in World Cup of used car...

This is one game that won't go to extra time
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