Fiat factory workers protest in response to £99m Ronaldo signing

Fiat workers are striking in response to the Juventus football team (co-owned by a large Fiat investor) signing Christiano Ronaldo for £99m.
Auto Trader to give away free car every time England scores a World Cup goal

Auto Trader gifts free car with each England goal

Auto Trader's new competition will give away a free car every time England scores a goal in this year's FIFA World Cup.
Me and My Motor: Rachel Atherton, women’s downhill mountain biking world champion

Me and My Motor: Rachel Atherton, mountain biking star...

Rachel Atherton spends her working days hurtling down mountains, at speeds of up to 50mph, heart rate rising, knuckles white from holding on for dear...

First Drive review: Jeep Renegade (2015)

Jeep has an illustrious military history but its new Renegade crossover suffers a demotion with its Fiat underpinnings
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First drive review: Jeep Renegade (2015)

Don't blame Nissan, Kia or even Land Rover for the unhealthy amount of SUVs you see clogging up the school run on a daily basis. Blame Jeep.

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