Government to clamp down on bodged roadworks

Road repairers could be held more accountable for shoddy road repairs under plans put forward by the Department for Transport (DfT).
UK Government commits £23m to pothole prevention

UK Government commits £23m to pothole prevention

The Department for Transport will invest £23m in research and trial initiatives at aim to prevent potholes from forming in UK roads.
Red alert: pothole plague means 25,000 miles of road rated dangerous

Potholes mean 25,000 miles of road rated dangerous

Nearly 25,000 miles of Britain’s roads have been issued with a red alert, meaning they will become dangerous by the end of the year if repairs ar
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Meet Britain's road maintenance volunteers

A cash-strapped council is leaving verges uncut, minor potholes unfilled and litter uncleared, relying on an army of local volunteers to step into...
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News: Pothole miracle machine offers a quick fix for...

Gone in nearly 60 seconds: meet the new pothole patching robo-lorry
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News: Britain's broken roads tumble down global league...

Evidence suggests Britain’s roads have deteriorated to the point where they are comparable to those in Namibia

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