Me and My Motor: Lynda La Plante, author

Long before the bestselling novels and the TV series Prime Suspect, Lynda La Plante’s cars would come and go with the ebbs and flows of...

Top five best city cars to buy in 2018

City cars are a lot more talented than their pigeonhole title suggests. These are some of the best value-for-money cars in showrooms and they're
Me and My Motor: Tatiana Calderon, Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 test driver

Me and My Motor: Tatiana Calderon, F1 driver

It's more than 40 years since a woman competed in a Formula One championship but Tatiana Calderon is determined to make the starting grid.
The best cars to avoid paying road tax (VED)

The best cars for avoiding road tax (VED)

Every driver knows how expensive it can be to run a car, even before paying costly annual road tax. And since April’s changes to car tax,
Reader Letters: New road tax, diesel riddle, headlight flashing, priorité à droit, Smart cars, red lights, plastic Clarkson and potholes

Reader Letters: New road tax and a diesel riddle

"It is disingenuous of the government to pretend that its revision to vehicle tax has a green element..."
Me and My Motor: Radio 2’s Jo Whiley

Me and My Motor: Radio 2’s Jo Whiley

Noel Gallagher does not suffer fools gladly. So when Jo Whiley’s young daughter rang the former Oasis star by mistake...
Me and My Motor: Vittorio Grigolo, the tenor singer who almost made it to F1

Me and My Motor: Vittorio Grigolo, tenor singer

Vittorio Grigolo was just 13 when he sang alongside Luciano Pavarotti, earning himself the nickname “Il Pavarottino”...
Me and My Motor: Gordon Murray, design legend, on his type of car

Me and My Motor: Gordon Murray, design legend

As a young racing car designer, Gordon Murray helped Senna...
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The six best used sports cars with a Targa-style roof

For drivers who enjoy the sensations that an open-topped car brings but are put off buying one, a car with a removable roof panel — or "Targa" top...
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Smart Forfour Mk2 review (2015-on)

It's stating the obvious but the genius of the original two-seater Smart car (now known as the Fortwo) was its impossibly...
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First Drive review: Smart Fortwo (2015)

Springtime for Lego: a study recently declared the Danish company the world’s most powerful brand. It had dethroned Ferrari...
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Super-rich, super-frugal: how some of the world's wealthiest...

As the rich and powerful left Davos at the weekend you might have imagined them in Lamborghinis and limos, but the elite are increasingly choosing...
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News: Euro NCAP announces crash test scores for Discovery...

Deliberately smashing their brand new Porsche, Land Rover or Mini into a wall is probably the last thing on car buyers’ minds, but that’s exactly...
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