Revealed: most popular car colours of 2017

Has the gloomy economic outlook rubbed off on Britain’s car buyers? Industry figures for the most popular new car colour show that...
New car sales 2017 vs 2007: winners and losers as Vauxhall tumbles and Mercedes booms

Vauxhall sales plummeted in 2017, Mercedes' boomed

Has the humble family hatchback had its day? Data showing the number of new cars sold in the UK last year paints a gloomy picture for Vauxhall, o
New car sales fall in April 2017

UK carmakers hit by crash in demand

Car production at British factories has fallen to an 18-month low after deliveries to the domestic market collapsed by more than 28 per cent.
The five best electric cars you’d be happy to drive: Nissan Leaf is a good all-rounder

Used car buyers charge toward electric models

They are expensive to buy, won't travel very far before running out of power and take an age to recharge - but that isn't deterring drivers from
Queens Speech boosts number of electric car charging points

Queen's Speech: EV chargers for motorway services

After limited driving range, the greatest hurdle to more drivers switching to an electric car is often said to be the limited number of public ch
New car sales fall in April 2017

Dramatic drop in car sales

Car sales have suffered a serious misfire, with a dramatic fall in April. Drivers are reported to have brought forward their purchase of a new...
Sterling fuels rising car exports and production

Weak sterling boosts car exports and production

Overseas demand helped to lift British car production to its best February in 17 years.
Renault diesels ‘are worst polluters’ according to Which? tests

Renault diesels ‘are worst polluters’

Renault diesel cars emit the highest levels of toxic nitrogen oxides of all the big manufacturers and the French company’s recent models...
Motor industry must source parts from UK in case of hard Brexit

Motor industry must look closer to home for parts

More parts for British-built cars will be sourced from within the UK under plans to insulate the automotive industry from the potentially...
Car market surges as private buyers plug in

Car market surges as private buyers plug in

Private buyers are continuing to fuel a surge in new car sales. After a record year for new registrations in 2016 when sales rose by 2.3 per cent
UK car industry investment slump linked to Brexit uncertainty

UK car industry investment slump linked to Brexit

A 21st century record for car production in Britain has been muddied by news that investment in the sector slumped by a third last year.
Car factories boom boosts the economy

Car factories boom boosts the economy

British car production accelerated to its highest level in 17 years in November amid rising domestic and international demand.
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White wins the popularity contest with British drivers

It was once synonymous with UN Land Cruisers bringing aid to famine-hit regions of the world but today, white is the colour most likely to be seen...
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