Anger at police chief Anthony Bangham’s plan to fine 1mph speeders

Anger at police chief's plan to fine 1mph speeders

A police chief has been called “public enemy No 1” by motorists incensed at proposals that they should be punished if they exceed the speed limit
Drivers handed penalty notice every 2.5 seconds

Drivers handed penalty notice every 2.5 seconds

Almost 12m drivers receive a penalty notice every year, the equivalent of one every 2.5 seconds, as the number of fixed cameras increases.
Video: Banned driver jailed after speeding at 115mph on 30mph roads

Video: Banned driver jailed for 115mph in 30 zones

West Midlands Police have release footage of the high-speed car chase that led to the jailing of a man who had already been banned from driving.
Motorway average speed camera fines

Reader Letters: Speeding fines and spare keys

"My sympathies are with David Holden, for I was caught on a motorway doing 46mph in a 40mph average-speed-check zone..."
Reader Letters: Motorway fuel and hire car rip-offs

Reader Letters: Hire car rip-offs, motorway fuel

I recently returned from a holiday in Italy, where I had arranged to hire a car through When I arrived at the Avis desk...
Speeding drivers: higher fines for the worst offenders come into force

Heavier speeding fines hit today

Drivers who break the speed limit face tougher penalties from today, with higher fines and stricter punishments. The changes follow the introduct
Opinion: Speed camera rage — I’ve felt the primal desire for revenge

Opinion: Speed camera rage

Controversy abounds, apparently, in the tale of the 23-year-old have-a-go chancer Chris Welford, who recently tapped the frustrations of many...

"Irresponsible" motorist blocked speed camera

Police have warned copycat drivers not to follow the example of a driver who parked his car in front of a mobile speed camera and blocked its
Reader Letters: Speed alerts, America's Route 1, post-Brexit numberplates and Clarkson's bust

Reader Letters: Speed alerts and Clarkson's bust

Driving along the M4 the other day I noticed brake lights ahead. Shortly after, I passed the source: two slow-moving, flat-base lorries in convoy

Speeding fines to rise in most serious cases

Drivers who commit the most serious speeding offences are to face tougher penalties, under new guidelines for magistrates in England and Wales.
1963 Panhard PL 17 Tigre

Reader Letters: speed cameras and upstart Minis

Dom Joly isn’t far from reality when he suggests Le Tigre or Sexy Lady as car monikers in his review of the Jaguar XF S
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