"Irresponsible" motorist blocked speed camera

Police have warned copycat drivers not to follow the example of a driver who parked his car in front of a mobile speed camera and blocked its
Reader Letters: Speed alerts, America's Route 1, post-Brexit numberplates and Clarkson's bust

Reader Letters: Speed alerts and Clarkson's bust

Driving along the M4 the other day I noticed brake lights ahead. Shortly after, I passed the source: two slow-moving, flat-base lorries in convoy

Speeding fines to rise in most serious cases

Drivers who commit the most serious speeding offences are to face tougher penalties, under new guidelines for magistrates in England and Wales.
1963 Panhard PL 17 Tigre

Reader Letters: speed cameras and upstart Minis

Dom Joly isn’t far from reality when he suggests Le Tigre or Sexy Lady as car monikers in his review of the Jaguar XF S
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Top 10 most-read hotmailiniciodesesion.info articles of 2015

The diversity of the most read articles in 2015 reflect a thoughtful and engaged HotMailIniciodesesion audience...
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New road markings mean slow down for average-speed...

You know average-speed cameras are here to stay when they get their own special road markings
Just 1mph too fast and you’re nicked: new zero tolerance approach to speeding

Just 1mph too fast and you’re nicked: new zero tolerance...

Guidelines that give drivers a margin of error before they are fined for speeding are being scrapped in some areas...
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Letters of the week, May 24

This week: Driving through France, speeding raps, smart motorway love and hate, what the papers say, Jeremy "tight spot" Clarkson and a road tax solution.
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Letters of the week, May 10

This week: Good Top Gear/Bad Top Gear, diesel concerns, drivers' newspapers of choice, 20mph zones, classic car comfort and more.
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What the political parties have in store for motorists...

Voting blocs don’t come much bigger than drivers. There are 35m motorists in Britain, and they contribute £58bn to the Treasury each year in taxes
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News: Isle of Man speed limits

We have been ed by the Isle of Man Roads Policing Unit about an article by Guy Martin published in April...
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News: 2015 Ford S-Max detects speed limits, slows down...

Ford claims to have come up with a system that can prevent drivers unintentionally speeding