The truth about the self-driving Mustang that ‘drove into a wall’

You could say that the autonomous Ford Mustang at Goodwood had a bit of a shocker. Here are some things you should know about it, though.
Full car autonomy

Driverless cars 'won't be allowed' on most roads

Fully autonomous cars may never become a reality on most UK roads, one of BMW's board members has predicted.
McLaren pushes for the UK to lead the car industry

McLaren calls for UK to lead "weight race"

The British supercar maker McLaren has urged the UK government and car industry to make further progress developing weight-saving technologies.
Smartphone apps could soon replace car keys

Smartphone apps could soon replace car keys

The traditional car key could soon be phased out, as part of a new collaborative effort to replace them with mobile phone-based "digital keys".
Volkswagen teams up with Hyundai and Rimac to develop new powertrain tech

VW with Hyundai and Rimac

The Volkswagen Group has announced new hips with Hyundai and Rimac, to further develop alternative powertrain technology.
Video: watch the crazy tilting wing of the wild Zenvo TSR-S supercar

Video: the crazy tilting wing of wild Zenvo TSR-S

When you are building bespoke supercars and must find your niche amongst Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghini, one way to stand out of the crowd is t
America could save nearly 100 lives a year after reversing cameras made mandatory — will UK follow suit?

US makes backup cameras mandatory, UK to follow?

All new cars built for American drivers must now include a reversing camera as standard, which could herald the introduction of the same rule...
Car makers told to fit cyclist detection systems to save lives

Car makers told to fit cyclist detection systems

Changes are being made to the way new cars are assessed for safety, to encourage the widespread fitment of bicycle detection systems and help cut
New driving test needed for autonomous cars, say experts

New driving test needed for autonomous cars

Motorists who can't wait for the day they can hang up their driving gloves and let a car's computers take care of the driving while they sit back

Active noise-cancelling headphones reviewed

Headphones with active noise cancellation, or ANC, improve your listening experience by blocking external sounds. Read our reviews here.
Phone battery pack review

Best portable chargers and powerbanks reviewed

Portable chargers, capable of topping up phones, tablets, even laptops, remain essential for busy users on the move.
What's Inside a Mercedes car seat? Watch as the mind-bogglingly clever seats of a Mercedes S-class are ripped open

Video: Watch as Mercedes S-class seat is cut open

Are you sitting comfortably? Probably not as comfortably as a driver of the latest Mercedes S-Class. Its seats are so sophisticated they can...
Jaguar and Waymo announce driverless car project using I-Pace electric SUV

Jaguar and Waymo announce driverless car project

Jaguar and Waymo have announced they are to develop driverless ride-hailing cars together.
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