Top 5: Weirdest cars ever designed presents its Top 5 weirdest cars, featuring Purves Dynasphere, Waterman Arrowbile and the Parallel Parking Car.
These are the nation's most hated parking manoeuvres

Nation's most hated driving manoeuvres revealed

Any trip to the local supermarket can tell you that many drivers wouldn't be able to call themselves experts at parking, but a new survey...
Top 10 petrol cars to buy instead of diesel

Top 10 petrol cars to buy instead of a diesel

If now is the time to switch to petrol cars, here are 10 that will give you just as much for your money as a diesel without harmful NOx emissions
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10 bizarre celebrity motoring endorsements

Ever since Clyde Barrow wrote to Henry Ford, creator of the Model T, congratulating him on the speed and comfort of his Ford V8, car makers have been...
How to avoid stress and keep calm in a driving test

Top 10 ways to avoid stress on your driving test

Each day in the UK, around 6,000 people take their driving test. For most, it's a stressful time...
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News: Passive passengers turn a blind eye to drivers’...

Car passengers are turning a blind eye to drivers’ worst ways as they submit to a “my car, my rules” attitude, according to a survey.
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Top 10 Father’s Day gifts

Here’s Driving's quick rundown of 10 top gifts that will bring a smile to dad's face
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Top 10 worst and safest drivers by profession

Caretakers have emerged as among the UK’s safest drivers according to new research, but mechanics are among the worst.
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Top 10 driving songs

A new survey by OnePoll of 2,000 drivers has identified the top 10 songs motorists like to hear most at the wheel.
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Top 10 classic and future classic Citroën designs

Marking 80 years of the Traction Avant, we bring you the 10 most stylish and forward-thinking Citroëns ever.
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Top 10 cars with a murky past

So, cars are just four wheels, a body and an engine? Not this lot.
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Top 10 reasons we fail the driving test

Each year, just over half of those people taking their driving test fail, so what reasons might an examiner give for ruining a candidate’s day?...
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Top 10 safest songs to drive to

Research suggests that the tempo and volume of a song have a bigger effect on driving than its genre.


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