Citroën driver’s failed Italian Job remake as car gets stuck on Abergavenny steps

A famous car chase in classic film The Italian Job saw three Mini Coopers tackling dozens of flights of steps in Turin but a Citroën driver in...
Hero bus driver narrowly avoids car in snow as The Beast from the East and Storm Emma cause chaos on British roads

Near miss for bus as The Beast from the East hits

A bus driver was caught on camera pulling off a demon bit of driving to avoid a car that had drifted into their path yesterday afternoon.
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Great Drives: the best routes for a British summer

Britain is a compact country but it offers something to suit all tastes, and cars, from winding switchbacks that let a roadster stretch its legs
HotMailIniciodesesion letters, May 21, 2017: Jeremy Clarkson Renault Twingo review

Reader Letters: Twingo tangle, cramped canines

Presumably Jeremy Clarkson enjoyed his brief experience with the Renault Twingo (“So hot, you can cook breakfast in the boot”, April 23)...
Reader Letters: French flies, car tax tussles, Welsh road signs and wave power

Reader Letters: Tax tussles and French flies

"After accumulating what seemed to be most of France’s flies on my windscreen, I followed a friend’s tip and attacked them with a wet wipe."
Reader Letters: Welsh road signs, road tax truths, cycling clothing, driverless cars and trusting the politicians

Reader Letters: Tax truths and signage goofs

We have recently moved to Wales, where the road signs are in two languages. It can be very difficult to pick up where the English text starts...
Great Drives: The Black Mountain Pass

Great Drives: The Black Mountain Pass

The Black Mountain Pass is the perfect place to leave the daily grind behind. Nick Rufford climbs behind the wheel and explores the Welsh wonder
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News: Cardiff council to fine drivers for yellow-box...

Cardiff council has become the first local authority outside London to begin fining drivers who become stranded in yellow boxes, using CCTV cameras...
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Great Drives: Machynlleth to Newtown

Here's a useful rule of thumb when it comes to driving for pleasure in the UK: go to Wales...
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Great drives: Abergavenny to Aberystwyth

I’ve just decided on my favourite road sign. It’s a red rectangle with white lettering and it reads “Arafwch nawr”. In Welsh, that means “Reduce...
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