Top tips for driving on snow and ice as the ‘beast from the east’ blasts Britain

After a few years on the trot of sudden severe snowfall, Brits are beginning to get used to the idea of driving on the white stuff.
Porsche and Pininfarina rev up ski lifts with high tech style

Porsche and Pininfarina give ski lifts style

Ski lifts designed by luxury car brands, wifi on the slopes and heated chairlifts — glitzy ski resorts have become technology battlegrounds as th
Video: Nigel Mansell and Tim Shallcross from IAM Roadsmart's winter driving tips

Video: Nigel Mansell's winter driving tips

Nigel Mansell, 1992 Formula One World Champion, knows a thing or two about car control. Here he talks safe driving in winter.
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News: Councils to spread treacle on winter roads to...

More drivers could find themselves in a sticky situation this winter when councils start using a blend of treacle and salt to treat icy roads.
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Making sure your tyres are ready for winter

How will you do in our tyre quiz?
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Get ready for winter: how to prepare your car for cold...

Each winter, websites such as ours and motoring organisations such as the AA warn drivers against the perils of setting out unprepared for the weather
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