Porsche driver narrowly avoids car travelling wrong way on A3

Porsche driver narrowly avoids car travelling wrong way on A3

After unhurriedly changing lanes to let the rogue vehicle through, the young man calmly phones the police

A PORSCHE driver captured on video the moment he almost collided with a motorist who was travelling in the wrong direction on the A3.

currently on the A3. Called 911

— Dmitry (@Dmitry_Lo)

The Porsche driver, who uses the Twitter handle @Dmitry_Lo, alerted police by calling 911, the number for emergency services in America, which redirects to 999. He later posted a video of the incident, which took place on Wednesday, May 3, in a tweet to Surrey police.

An officer replied, asking if he could make out the registration number of the offending vehicle.

Wow. Well observed and manoeuvred. Is your copy of the footage clear enough to make out the registration number?

— RPU – Surrey Police (@SurreyRoadCops)

When asked by another Twitter user if calling them while driving was legal, the police replied: “Yes, it is not handheld for one thing and secondly he dialled 999 which is allowed in law.”

This is not the first time a car has been caught travelling the wrong way down the A3, which links London and Portsmouth. In January 2014, a 21-year-old woman was  for drink-driving in the wrong direction on the A3 before crashing head-on into a police car.


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