Watch the trailer for ‘Fastest Car’, Netflix’s supercar show to take on The Grand Tour and Top Gear

NETFLIX has published a trailer for a new car show that pits supercars against souped-up custom cars.

The streaming video service says each hour-long episode of Fastest Car will see three of the shed-built “sleeper” cars go head-to-head with one of the world’s most sought-after supercars in a drag race.

The blurb says: “Don’t believe a 1984 Honda CRX can beat a Ferrari California? Or a 2011 Pontiac minivan will leave a Porsche GT3 in its rearview mirror? There is a whole subculture which begs to differ.”

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Of course,  you could argue that it’s not really a Honda CRX if it’s been customised to within an inch of its life, but let’s not get pedantic.

Expect to see a Dodge Viper, McLaren MP4, Ford GT and three types of Lamborghini among the other supercars taking on the sleepers. And a crash or two.

It’s fair to say the reaction to the trailer on YouTube has been fairly mixed:

Fastest Car airs on Netflix on April 6.

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